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And they told two friends, and so on, and so on…

Here’s best example I can come up with to explain the concept of crowdfunding:

The East Valley Tribune in Arizona included us in their online edition:

MAD film documentary Kickstarter to honor idiocy – Nerdvanablogs.evtrib.comYou can help fund a somewhat serious documentary film about MAD Magazine and the crazy creators who have crafted its hilarious content for the past six decades.

The word is spreading! Keep sharing, chatting, emailing, O fellow Minds of Mad-ness!

A good sign


yummy cookie, good news

From dinner last night. I thought I was doing great knowing I had Egg Foo Young leftovers, but then this!


What a great start!



Day one of the WWWM! Kickstarter campaign was an absolute whirlwind of coolness! We raised over $2000! To see the names of donors appear throughout the day left me with such a feeling of gratitude – thank you for believing in this project. Thank you for believing in us!

Let’s hope the next 29 days are just as wonderful!

Become a part of When We Went MAD! today! – Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!

The launch button was pushed at 12:26pm today (the button literally said “launch”). The countdown is on. Thirty days to reach our goal. Thirty days for you to join us in producing the documentary film, When We Went MAD!

You can help tell the story and honor the legacy of the great MAD Magazine today.


and away we go…


Tomorrow, Thursday, January 10, we begin…

Tomorrow, January 10, is an important day for the future of When We Went MAD! We will begin thirty days of fundraising to complete this terrific project. When those thirty days have come and gone, we will know then if we can continue with this, as it is an all or nothing proposition. If we reach our goal – it will be full steam ahead with production. If we do not reach our goal, we get nothing – everyone who has contributed will get their money back and we will have to weigh the alternatives, more than likely that means closing up shop. Join us in honoring MAD Magazine’s legacy – donate to our cause! But just as important, please, please tell your friends and family about When We Went MAD! Bring it up in conversation, stand on a street corner and mumble it. Pull a Julie Andrews and shout it from the top of the Swiss Alps. Word of mouth is the name of the game!

2! Count ’em 2!

Bet you didn’t see this coming:
In less than two days…


Can you feel the electricity? I can!

It’s so close I can almost taste it. But that would involve licking the computer screen. Won’t do that. Nonetheless, in three days, you will have a chance to change the course of history, well not change the course as much as grant us the funds needed to document history and present it in a pleasing video format. But you get the idea!

Kickstarter! When We Went MAD! Join our worthy cause! Tell your friends – the more the merrier!

Join us for our Kickstarter launch in four days!

A gentle reminder – In four days we unveil our Kickstarter fundraising campaign for When We Went MAD! The most assured way to a successful fundraising effort via crowdsourcing is to have as many people involved in it as possible. If you like what we are doing, please share this link with your friends and ask the same from them. And remind them that on Jan 10 they can officially be a part of our labor of love.

Five, cinco, خامِس, pět, cinq, 五個

By my count, five days until our Kickstarter launch.
Be sure to view the trailer and share that link with as many of your friends and enemies as possible. Let’s turn crowdfunding into entirepopulationsfunding!

Save your pennies. Clean your couch. Hold off on taxes for six or so days. When We Went MAD! will only be completed with your help!
This is already shaping up to be a great project – the interviews we have in the can are terrific. The story of MAD is the story of American culture for the last sixty years. Help us tell that story in our documentary!

Why do they call a preview the “trailer”?

The wait is over. Available to the world now is the official trailer to When We Went MAD!
A five minute tease, with great bites from Al Jaffee, Al Feldstein, Dick DeBartolo, Duck Edwing, Larry Seigel, Arnie Kogen, Nick Meglin, Sergio Aragones, Frank Jacobs, and Mort Drucker! A true peek behind the scenes of a documentary of ecch-ic proportions!

Click the link above!