We are halfway through our fundraising but only 21% in to reaching our goal. Daunting, but doable – provided we line up a “heavy hitter” or two to help us out. I’ve been tweeting several comedians, actors, etc. with the hope of getting their attention and enticing them to jump on board or share the project with their minions. But, truthfully, what are the odds of my tweet being singled out from the volume of tweets these famous people receive every day? Zippo. So here’s a thought: what about a twitter bomb? What if each and every one of you fellow MAD folk send a similar message to a select group within a day? It has to increase the odds of being seen, right? Right?

The scheme:

Send this tweet to Howard Stern:

@HowardStern MAD Magazine doc on @kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1438570989/when-we-went-mad-a-documentary-of-ecch-ic-proporti needs help! Share this to see MAD’s story get told! #madmagazine

make sure there is a space between @kickstarter and http

Then, replace the @HowardStern with one name from this list, one tweet at a time per name –

@ebertchicago @jimmyfallon @juddapatow @funnyordie @pattonoswalt @sethmacfarlane @stephenathome @thedailyshow @thelonelyisland @ThatKevinSmith @nerdist @TheEllenShow @cklouis

Who knows? Maybe we’ll actually get a response, and not the personal restraining order kind. And look at it this way – if we do get a response, you can say you had a chat with “so and so…”

I know you’ve given so much already. I didn’t think I could get any lower than actually using Twitter, but to ask others to send a tweet on my behalf… ugh. I’m just trying every avenue to see this project through. Let’s try to do this TODAY, Thursday Jan 24.

Thanks, Alan



  1. Tony Semanik says:

    Done…ALL of them (yech!)

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