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A gang of idiots invades New York!

We have just returned from a grueling, and by grueling we mean fantastic, excursion to New York where we interviewed 14 (count ’em!) MAD artists, writers, editors, art department-ers – anyone who would sit down for us long enough to stick a microphone in their face!

The list of interviewees:

John Ficarra – Executive Editor

Sam Viviano – Art Director

Ryan Flanders – Associate Art Director

Charlie Kadau – Senior Editor

Jacob Lambert – Associate Editor

Dave Croatto – Associate Editor

Tim Carvell – Head Writer “The Daily Show”, MAD writer

Paul Coker – MAD legend/artist

Tom Richmond – MAD artist

Teresa Burns Parkhurst – MAD writer/artist

Peter Kuper – MAD writer/artist

Richard Williams – MAD artist

Drew Friedman – MAD artist

Tom Bunk – MAD artist

Not too shabby!

Let the transcribing begin!