About Us

When We Went MAD! is a documentary film exploring the history and influence of MAD Magazine. It is produced by Alan Bernstein and Doug Gilford, two longtime fans of the culture rotting publication.
Currently in production, WWWM! is seeking funding to complete the project.

Alan Bernstein – Co-Producer/Director
Growing up, I was a dyed in the wool Mad fan that was also bitten by the movie bug. When I wasn’t obsessed with reading my back issues, I was dreaming up big cinematic sequences that would make Spielberg drool.
Choosing a career came down to “Mad writer” or “filmmaker”. I went for the much more stable world of film.
After working on several short films, including shooting a short that screened at Sundance, I co-wrote, co-produced, and directed the feature film “One Half Gone” which was well received at various film festivals.
I’ve been planning a documentary on Mad for years and the time is now. Our media saturates us with the sarcastic, sometimes witty/sometimes silly humor that is Mad’s trademark. I want to remind the world that Mad started it and that Mad still does it best.

Doug Gilford – Co-Producer
To say that Mad has informed my approach to life would be a bit of an understatement.
I see Mad’s imprint and influence everywhere I look.
Proudly obsessive about it, I created a website (madcoversite.com) to show off my collection of Mad Magazines back in 1997 when this new thing called the internet was just getting started. About a 1000 people a day happen upon it, many of them the current staff at Mad who hold their noses and soldier on. I’m happy to say that Mad uses me for research.
I bring my passion for MAD and a background in film production to this project with the hopes of giving the Usual Gang of Idiots their due. Or perhaps it’s just payback for them getting me hooked on their trash peddling.

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