History in the making

My motivation for this project was two fold: First, I wanted to meet my heroes. The artists and writers of MAD, the Usual Gang Of Idiots, having seen their names printed above so many articles that entertained me as a kid – I grew to look beyond the written word and image, I wanted to learn more about those responsible. Secondly, as time went on, I would see the occasional interviews regarding MAD – in newspapers and magazines, and every so often on television. But they were short interviews, a gloss over in seven minutes or less. And few and far between. The 60 minutes segment, perhaps the most well known and in depth video document of MAD was 12 minutes long and 26 YEARS AGO.  There are so many more faces and stories behind MAD and I took it upon myself to get the stories before they are forever silenced. MAD is as much a  chronicle of American history and culture as TIME is, albeit from a slightly different angle. That angle fascinates me.

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